dinsdag 23 maart 2010

Saterday Night @ Work

OK, last Saterday (20th of March 2010) i recorded a mix live @ Work. It's a bit louder and harder than the earlier mixes on this Blog (...so far). This kind of music (a combination of tech-house and techno) has always been my favorite. I played it in the late 90' and at the begin of this millenium at parties throughout Holland. My favorite labels of techno are MusicMan, Tresor, Synewave, X-Trax, Novamute, Soma Records, Warp, F-Communication, ....sorry, to many to mention.
So, please take a deep breath and let your body and soul do the rest.

Saterday Night @ Work by Dj Bart More

1. The DJ - Sending out tha LOVE (intro by P. Diddy - re-edited by Bart More)
2. Trancesetters - The Search (Christian Smith remix)
3. Misha Smykk - Much Luv
4. Jerome Sydenham and Rune RK - The Crossing (over dub mix)
5. Mauro Picotto - Love Message (meganite mix)
6. Danny Howells - Landing on Planets (Dosem deep house mix)
7. Rulers Of The Deep - Track Three Curious George (The Agent remix)
8. Alan Fitzpatrick - Trendy Wendy
9. Noidoi - Pasarica (Samuel L. Session remix)
10. Subotic - Mimosa
11. Mark Broom - Supersnout
12. Steve Foulds - Black Light (Stallos remix)
13. Swat-Squad - Home

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