vrijdag 15 januari 2010

Solid Reverse goes Blog

Solid Reverse are Bart Mereboer and Edwin te Boekhorst, two dj's and modern music producers from the Netherlands.
Such as so many things, the career of Bart started small, teeny-weeny and nicely afterwards, anonymous, back home on his room. It's the early 90's when Bart Mereboer began as a Hip-Hop dj. Scratchin' his records (Public Enemy, KRS-one, De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest, Eric B. & Rakim etc etc) he found his target...becoming a dj. After a while he heard that strange sound...beats, bass drums and hihats...he discovered House Music. Listening to the famous dj's like Dimitri, Carl Cox, Michel de Hey, Derrick May, Kevin Saunderson, Steve Rachmad the inspiration for House Music grew. Bart got better and better and he became one of the best 'unknown' great turntablists, better known as ‘Bart More’ or ‘DJ BLP’. After a while he went public and played his records in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Den Haag, Alkmaar, Bergen and more. Since 2008 he is producing his own music.
Edwin te Boekhorst (also known as Meed) is a live musician on Bass Guitar, Synthesizer and Piano. He played in a lot of bands (like ‘Ladies Room’ and ‘Coron Ash’) on festivals and bars throughout Holland. On the festivals he heard bands like 'Underworld' and 'The Chemical Brothers' and also for Edwin the passion for House Music began to grow. He bought a MC303 in the middle 90's and until today his studio got bigger and better! MeEd is a real all-round producer and an upcoming dj.
In 2008 Bart and Edwin met each other and they talked about their experiences in the world of House Music . Soon after Solid Reverse was born…

Bart More


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